Brockwell Medical Group relocation - 3 June 2024

We’re changing the ways you contact us and how we process your requests

All GP Practices are being asked to adopt a modern way of working and introduce online tools and digital access for patients. We have listened to our patient feedback about call waiting times and we are making some changes to how patients can contact us from 8th February. Patients who need to call into the surgery will be able to do so more quickly and easily.

From the 8th of February, we are moving to a digital triage model. This means that patients who have online access will be able to contact us through our website and will be asked to complete an online contact form and submit this through the Anima system. This means that those patients contacting us by phone or in person at one of our sites will still be able to do this but will be asked to complete the same contact form.

This process will allow us to assess your needs and ensure that you are directed to the most appropriate person or service to care for you.

How does this benefit you:

We understand that change can sometimes be difficult, but we are confident that digital triage will bring many benefits to you, our patients.

Improved access to care:

Digital triage has been shown to reduce waiting times and it enables us to attend to your medical needs more promptly.


Using digital communication will mean that you can engage with us from the comfort of your home or workplace, this also frees up our call handlers to answer our phone lines more quickly.

Enhanced patient experience:

We are committed to providing you with the best possible care at. Digital triage improves communication and ensures that you see the person best able to help you, in a timely way.

Embracing Innovation:

As healthcare technology advances, we are committed to staying at the forefront of these innovations. Digital triage will enable us to adapt and evolve with the changing healthcare landscape and ensure that you benefit from the latest advances in medical care.

How to make a request:

Every patient contact will be added to a contact form, whether you contact us online, on the phone or in person.

If a patient can’t complete this form themselves a member of the GP practice team will do this on the patient’s behalf. This contact form can be found on our website through the Anima System:

The Anima team will look at every request and decide what action needs to be taken such as: contacting the patient for more information, issuing a prescription, arranging a same-day or routine appointment or a fit note.

We are asking as many people as possible to contact us through our website so we can keep our phone lines and reception team as free as possible to help patients who are unable to use online systems.

Using the form means you don’t have to wait in a call queue, you can submit your request when it is convenient for you. You will then receive a response from the practice via email and text message with the outcome of your request. There is no need to phone the practice once your request has been submitted as you can track the progress of your request via your Anima account.

See below for some instructional videos on how you can complete tasks with Anima.

How to create your account

How to submit a request

What happens next with my request?

Appointments in Anima

How to add a dependent

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